East Immanuel Church
     To the Glory of God!
     1173 Payne Avenue St. Paul, MN 55130  (651) 776-2358

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What We Believe

Purpose Statement
East Immanuel is committed to serving Jesus Christ as an Army of
Disciples that will affect the world for Him through worship of God,
witness to the world, and a ministry of love to one another.

Confession of Faith
East Immanuel accepts all the canonical books of the Old and
New Testaments as a whole and in all their parts as the divinely
inspired, revealed, and inerrant Word of God and submits to this
as the only infallible authority in all matters of faith and life.

(Taken from East Immanuel Lutheran Church Constitution)

We teach "Essential Doctrine
Made Easy" by Norman Geisler
to all new members